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Join the French bike revolution
For the Performance of the Champions

By enhancing your wheel hubs, bottom brackets and your derailleur 
pulley wheels you will have the ride of your dreams. CyclingCeramic ceramic bearings 
improve fluidity, power transmission and durability.

Go ahead run your performance to the next level.

Integrating innovation to your bike

Our products were designed to provide a simplicity 
and minimal maintenance. They are compatible with 
the majority of framesets, market Cranksets, included 
powermeter, wheel hubs and rear jockey wheels derailleurs.

If you need to improve your performance, try 
CyclingCeramic on your bike.

CyclingCeramic use high quality ceramic beads.

Ceramic Silicon nitride balls grade 3 are used to improve the performance of 
ceramic bearings. Ceramic balls are lighter, rigid, smooth, hard, corrosion-
resistant, requires less lubrication and have less than their counterparts 
in steel thermal expansion. Our logs are polished for 45 days 
continuously in order to obtain more round and smooth beads. This 
helps to reduce the maximum contact surface.

The ceramic technology used in the conquest of space

In the 1990s, NASA doctors and scientists we developed this technology. Studies carried out by the latter on mit highlight extreme capabilities of durability, hardness, and lightness.

Mecanical sports has quickly after, today CyclingCeramic proposes in its ceramic bearings all the qualities of ceramics balls used by the best cycling teams and athletes in the world.

CyclingCeramic 100% compatible with your performance

CyclingCeramic bearings permit to save time ! On a IRONMAN for example you can earn more than 19 minutes with a full kit.

Thanks to CyclingCeramic, our ceramic bearings help you to go faster and further. If you practice cycling for your pleasure or if your are a competitor, you can take advantage with our ceramic bearings. Avaiblable for road, MTB and track.

Less resistance and a better longevity ! Make a judicious and economic choice. Our ceramic bearings sold on the market are the same as our sponsoring teams and athletes.

Heart rate

Power increase 6 to 10 Watts.

Speed average increase 3 to 5%.

Dicrease 2 to 5 pulsations per minute.

Save 9 minuntes on an Ironman.

CyclingCeramic ceramic bearing lifetime 3 to 5 times longer than standard bearings.

Our knowledge is unique ! We are thought of 2 - 3 times more time as the assembly and the check than an intrustiel.

Sylvain Chavanel

« I can really feel the difference with the CyclingCeramic ceramic bearings. For me it is really important to know, that all my power comes 100% onto the wheels and no seconds are lost ! »

IAM Cycling Team

"No matter your objectives, CyclingCeramic help you to release."
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