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All our components that make up the high performance CyclingCeramic ceramic bearings are designed, designed and assembled in our company in the center of France. The design stage is carried out by us and allows to have products conforming to different manufacturers of the market.

Our skilled workforce is the secret to CyclingCeramic's growing success. All our ceramic bearings are assembled meticulously by hand in our workshop in France. This step allows each ceramic bearing to be monitored 4 times during its production and ensures its conformity.

The ceramic bearings are grade 3 ceramic balls that have been polished for 70 days to achieve the lowest friction in the world and reduce pedaling resistance. Minimizing the watts spent by the cyclist, who can benefit from this energy saving in his final effort and make a difference to competitors.

The precision of our work makes it possible to obtain high quality products, meeting the performance requirement of the World Tour teams. Our engineers offer the best of theirs capacity to match each produtcs with the standard in the market.

All of our pulley wheels and bottom bracket are made of 7075 aluminum in France. Our CNC machines are ISO certified and meet many aeronautical and military standards. Each part is machined with a tolerance of (0.05mm). This ensures precise fitting parts and maximum reliability. Each piece is then anodized to protect the aluminum and create a resistant surface that can meet the high demands of a bicycle's transmission.

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