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Brève de Création.

History of Cage

The Shimano 9100 cage story began with the creation of the plans.
To order to perfectly adapt its ODC system to the Shimano groupset, CyclingCeramic called upon an engineer specialized
in mechanical and industrial engineering. It is measured accurately, cut from carbon fiber for solidity and lightness,
and matched with oversized pulley wheels that are specially designed for optimal fluidity with the chain and for an efficient gain in watts.

The time then came along to to machine the prototype. Yohann Proust, CEO of CyclingCeramic, is deeply committed
to his company's carbon footprint as well as the Made in France quality and, therefore, decided to give this task to his neighbour : Albatros,
a company specialized in precision mechanical machining. They took the greatest care in manufacturing the components for the Shimano 9100 cage.
Once the prototype was completed, it was now time for our athletes to approve the cage,
something that it did with success, passing the tests of not only our top-level athletes, but also our amateurs.
Large-scale production can begin !

Once some parts are made, it is time for them to be anodized.
The anodizing is a surface process that allows to protect or decorate a part. It gives the part a better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat.
Thus, our cages bring you performance and style ! It's up to you to add your own personal touch to your bikes whilst at the same time increasing your speed for less effort.

The cage is put together in our workshop in central France. This process starts with assembling bearing with our 3/8 ceramic ball bearings which are then blown to remove any impurities.
The bearings are inserted in the previously anodized oversize pulley wheels and placed between two carbon parts.
​The last stage is the tightening of the screws to a pre-determined tightness using a torque wrench.

This precision work is carried out by keen cyclists Maxime and Alexandre who produce high-quality Made in France parts.

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